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ONTRAC Multi-Ripper Bucket Range

The ONTRAC Multi-Ripper attachments are state-of-the-art game changing implement, designed to improve onsite productivity and efficiency when combatting hard soil to rock type material. 

Multi-Ripper Bucket Range

The Multi-Ripper attachments are simple but very effective utilising the patent SHARC design (shanks-on-an-arc). This works on the simple principle of  single point of engagement to increase breakout force up to 9 times that of a standard OEM bucket.

  • Suitable for a broad range of rock and material types

  • 4 x more productive than a hydraulic breaker

  • Minimal excavation requiring less backfill material

  • Minimal maintenance required

  • No auxiliary hydraulics required

  • Minimal noise and vibration

  • Decreased downtime

  • Reduced capital costs through less attachments

  • Excellent return on investment

  • 9 x breakout force of standard bucket

  • High quality materials for longevity


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