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Commissioning | Repair Service | Spare Parts & Tools

Queensland Hammers and Attachments have a dedicated workshop in Larapinta that is fit to carry out all forms of repair and servicing needs, everything from stopping in on your way to site to check the gas, to fully rebuilding your fleet of hammers before that next big job to ensure peace of mind that your attachments will perform to the best of their ability.


Our service vehicle is fully equipped and ready to assist with anything from commissioning your new attachment, flow test, changing chisels to basic onsite repair work that can be done in the field.


Over the phone operator training for hammer maintenance, correct storage to changing chisels and checking gas pressures in your breakers, and more. we’re only a phone call away. 

Our experienced technicians will perform commissioning completed with thorough testing of the attachment before final handover to ensure it performs at its optimal efficiency and is ready for the next project.

Contact us to view our range of excavator and skid steer
attachments for your next project.

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